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Entrepreneurship and Technology with Paul Bradley CEO Caprica International

Updated: Oct 29, 2020 Paul is the Chairman and CEO, Caprica International and serving on the Boards of various organizations. He was also selected as a ‘New Asian Leader’ by the World Economic Forum. Leadership roles have spanned American, Japanese, Chinese and Indian companies with responsibilities across 14 countries. Created 7 start-ups and participated in the successful IPO launch of 2 companies. Passionate about innovation and developing multi-cultural talent to impact the future.

The interview is split into 3 parts:

Part 1 – Industry Trends – [33:17] - Download

Part 2 – Talent and Recruitment in Supply Chain and Logistics – [15:32]Download

Part 3 – Personal success stories and habits – [16:25]Download

Stay tuned as we cover:

  • Most important technology trends in supply chain

  • How AI and Block Chain is changing the game

  • The importance of innovation and entrepreneurship and how start-ups disrupt the industry

  • What is it like to be a member of the B20 task force of the G20 Summit

  • How important it is to have great mentors

Show notes:

Part 1 – Industry Trends:

  • [06:08] What’s the supply chain of the future to you?

  • [12:11] Blockchain – is it high for real value. If real value, when will we see widespread adoption into everyday processes? So maybe we deep-dive a little bit further into it.

  • [13:39]  ICO – a crypto-currency way of raising funds instead of the traditional method and at the center maybe it’s the investment banks.

  • [15:46] AI  in banking – a case study.

  • [17:15] A lot of people, obviously not a lot of us will ever have a chance to sit in a G20 meeting in a committee. What happened there? What are some of the topics? What are the people discussing about? What are the world leaders thinking about? Give us some more details.

  • [21:41] Biggest challenges of companies in Asia? – power hubs, cyber attacks, political unrest, and other risks.

  • [27:37] What advice to tech startups in the supply chain space would you give? Where do you see an innovation deficit or not enough startups addressing a particular need?

Part 2 – Talent and Recruitment:

  • [00:00] How do we address the global shortage of supply chain talent? Should the company start developing in-house talent and training programs to fill in the gaps? How would you do it?

  • [04:37] The old days of freight forwarding – how did innovation work – a case study.

  • [07:33] In the market, what do you see are the biggest skills missing?

  • [13:57]  True partnership and actually truly understanding the client.

Part 3 – Personal success stories and habits:

  • [00:00] Do you have some very specific practical information websites. How do you get information? How do you keep yourself in touch with the new developments?

  • [03:52] When you think of the word successful in the industry, what would be 2 names that come to your mind?

  • [11:13] Building systems and policies for AI and machine learning

  • [13:35] Change is happening faster than a lot of people are realizing. IoT, AI, Blockchain. Being stuck in the comfort zone or incremental type of business change or increase zone and it’s exciting times in the industry.

  • [14:18] Apollo spaceship and lunar module had less computing power than your smartphone. Where does the future lead us?

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