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Paul Bradley, Chairman & CEO Caprica International on Mentorship, Collecting & Investing in Art, Tra

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Have you ever seen a white tiger? Not only is it extremely rare – It occurs as few as 1 in 10000 wild tiger births – but it would be impossible to not notice one! Now hang on.. no we do not have a wildlife conservationist as our next guest but the white tiger is what he associates himself with. And an encounter with PaulBradley, Chairman and CEO at Caprica International is definitely one that you won't forget.

As an American based out of Singapore and having donned leadership roles across American, Japanese, Chinese and Indian companies spanning 14 countries – Paul is an eclectic blend of the West and East. We met Paul at his tastefully decorated high-rise condo in the historic Tanjong Pagar district Singapore, overlooking at one side the tallest building in Singapore whilst the ocean at the other. Needless to say, his lovely apartment was filled with paintings, sculptures, relics, memorabilia, resembling a mini-museum colourfully depicting a legacy crafted from Paul’s varied culturally enriched experiences, as an Art investor’s would probably be.

But, what was interesting was the strategic placement of each of those murals and paintings, with even the placement of the lights of the corridor matching philosophically a lovely painting - “The Path” - profoundly depicting a group of Buddhist monks on a journey. As a well-read and well-travelled leader, it isn’t surprising when Paul shares with us tales of his travails across the world and the art that draws him in with his penchant for history. However, what was fascinating was the ease with which Paul recounted the places he visited or the personalities he met or dwelled upon the reason he picked an art – like it happened just a few moments ago, as if it were happening right now! So don't blame us if you get gripped by wanderlust after listening to this one! Happy listening!

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