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Orchestrating Knowledge Networks to Impact Global Business



Paul W. Bradley has been involved in international business throughout his career, primarily in Asia. He has established new business entities in China, South East Asia, India and the United States and managed businesses across 14 countries. Mr. Bradley is the Chairman and CEO of Caprica International; Emeritus Vice Chairman and Board Member of Supply Chain Asia; serves on the Asian Advisory Board of Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne; Industry Advisory Board for the S.P. Jain School of Global Management; and as a CEO Mentor and Strategic Advisor to several Asian companies.  He has also served on a number of corporate and organizational Boards, government advisory committees and is currently involved in several entrepreneurial ventures.

Mr. Bradley previously held senior leadership positions as Managing Director of IDS International (the Li & Fung Group); President of Arshiya International in India; and leading supply chain management and logistics companies including the HAVI Group/BDP Asia; NYK Line (Mitsubishi Group), and APL (shipping and intermodal group). Prior to his work in international business, he served as a Congressional Assistant in the United States Senate; as a member of the Presidential Inaugural Committee; and as a Parliamentary Assistant in the British House of Commons.  He is a frequent speaker at global conferences and universities and has been interviewed by leading publications and media.

       Global Thought Leadership 
  • Knowledge Network Orchestration

  • Dynamic Value Networks

  • Regional SCM Hubbing

  • Virtual Manufacturing

  • Floating Warehouse

  • CEO Mentoring


Caprica International is a Singapore Headquartered Global Enterprise Providing the Following Services:
International Business Consulting

Providing expert advice, analysis, and active guidance to corporations with regards to international trade, organizational structure, marketing and sales strategy, media and public relations, strategic planning, and other relevant areas deemed essential to enhancing a company’s potential for business expansion and increased profitability. Customized participation in specific projects, customer case studies, or internal workshops may also be considered on a selective basis.

Supply Chain Strategy and Value Network Design

Leveraging on deep personal experience in having helped to create unique supply chain models for leading global companies, (including concepts such as “Regional SCM Hubbing” and “Floating Warehouses”), creative knowledge and solutions development can be provided to assist key clients with regards to re-designing their current logistics process, developing radical new supply and demand chain strategies, and identifying a strategic approach to ultimately move toward creation of a “Dynamic Value Network”, where product can shift and adapt to changing situations through a multi-dimensional network, resulting in significant competitive advantage.

Identifying Business Acquisitions for Venture Capital

Through extensive business networks and unique knowledge of the Asian market, potential acquisition targets or new business ventures requiring capital support at the early stage of development can be identified and assessed. Those entities deemed to have unique potential will then be introduced to pre-aligned global venture capital companies in order to enhance the speed of critical capital flows to viable business enterprises. (Note that the participating venture capital company will be directly responsible for their investment decision and in ensuring that appropriate regulatory compliance is strictly adhered to within the applicable laws of the relevant governments jurisdiction).

Creating and Advising Entrepreneurial Ventures

With a passion and deep commitment to supporting start-up companies in the Asia Pacific region, active support will be provided to new entities deemed to have potential for success and rapid breakthrough. This will include review and assessment of the initial business concept, assistance with the development of a business plan, short term and long term horizon strategy, corporate brand identification, product or service definition, marketing and sales strategy, organizational structure linked to the specific business development stage, potential introduction to external entities for seed capital formation if required, assistance with relevant business contacts and potential strategic partners, I.T. Strategy, and interactive mentoring to support the CEO during the critical start-up development stages of the venture. Caprica International is also prepared to take equity stakes in selective ventures as part of a long term commitment to support the business entities success.

CEO Mentoring

Through extensive experience in creating 7 companies, managing businesses across 14 countries, launching two IPO’s in Asia and corporate restructuring, Caprica International’s management is in a unique position to provide “CEO Mentoring” support to business leaders who wish to unleash the full potential of their organization. Through this advisory role, creative assistance can be provided in developing strategic and tactical business plans to achieve long term corporate goals; refinement of corporate branding; development of corporate slides; amplifying social media networks; enhancing marketing, operations and organizational structure; developing networks for overseas expansion; pre-positioning the company for future private fundraising or IPO’s; and providing support to the CEO as a leadership confidant.  

Serving on Boards and Public Speaking Engagements


Caprica International’s Chairman and CEO is selectively available to serve on corporate boards or relevant advisory boards. He is available to speak at global conferences on entrepreneurship, international trade, supply chain management, “dynamic value networks”, cross-cultural management and the evolution of the “virtual economy”.



Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne


Paul Bradley is privileged to serve on the Asian Advisory Board of Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, which is ranked as the number 1 business school in the world for Hotel Management and the Hospitality Industry. EHL was founded in Switzerland in 1893, has two campuses in Switzerland and is opening a new Asian campus in Singapore in 2021. Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne has a diverse multi-cultural blend of students spanning more than 116 nationalities and is the only university to have a Michelin Star Restaurant on campus.

SP Jain School of Global Management


Paul Bradley is privileged to serve on the industry Advisory Board for the S.P. Jain School of Global Management with campuses located in Singapore, Dubai and Sydney. S.P. Jain has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the 18 leading business schools outside of the U.S. The school has a unique history linking back to its initial campus in Mumbai, India where British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher participated in the Inaugural ceremony. From it's ranking as one of the three leading business schools in India, Mr. Nitish Jain built on his grandfather's legacy by creating the new global business school with his vision of developing future generations of business leaders committed to contributing to a better world.

Gray International


Paul Bradley serves as Strategic Advisor and CEO Mentor to Gray International. Gray has created a unique line of luxury consumer products based on the premise of providing "the spirit of the future, engineered today". The limited edition product categories include titanium, carbon and gold laser cut iPhone cases, pens, laptop cases, wallets and crypto currency wallets with proprietary software. All products are designed in Singapore and manufactured by specialized craftsmen in global factories and sold exclusively on-line.

Supply Chain Asia


Paul Bradley serves as the Emeritus Vice Chairman of Supply Chain Asia, which is headquartered in the Republic of Singapore. Supply Chain Asia is the leading organization in the Asia Pacific Region for the Supply Chain and Logistics professional community. The organization encompasses regional and national conferences and professional networking events, publications (which include the SCA Magazine), a training academy, the Young Professionals Organization, a career search entity, and specialized consulting services.

Kairos Society


Paul Bradley previously served on the Advisory Board for the Kairos Society ASEAN Region. The Kairos Society ASEAN's mission lies in bringing together the best innovators and tech companies across the region, thereby creating a collective innovation hub in Asia, connected to the global Kairos Society network. The Kairos Society was established as a non-profit organization headquartered in Silicon Valley in the United States. Kairos' mission lies in accelerating the growth of high tech ventures through the establishment of an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, scientists, industry mentors and investors.

Thunderbird School of Global Management


Paul Bradley previously served on the Executive Leadership Council of the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Thunderbird is the leading business school of global management with a 70 year history and an alumni network of 40,000 spanning 147 countries and 12,000 organizations. The school has a presence in Phoenix, Arizona; Geneva, Switzerland; Moscow, Russia; Tokyo, Japan; and Dubai, UAE.

B20 Task Force on Employment And Education for the G20


Paul Bradley previously served an appointment as a Member of the B20 Task Force on Employment and Education for the G20 Heads of State Summit hosted by Germany. The five B20 Task Forces were chaired by representatives of the German Government as host country in 2017 and were designated with the mission of developing policy recommendations for the G20 leaders representing the consensus views from the business community.

AMOS International


Paul Bradley previously served as a Strategic Advisor to the CEO of Amos International. Amos is a leading marine, offshore procurement and logistics solutions services provider with offices across Asia and is headquartered in Singapore.

Interactive SG/Angel's Gate


Paul Bradley previously served on the Advisory Board of Interactive SG/Angel's Gate in Singapore. Angel's Gate was the first TV show broadcast across Asia in which entrepreneurs would submit their business plan to a panel of three business leaders, who would provide funding for the best business concepts. The show was broadcast on Channel News Asia and a parallel digital media site was developed to connect with the new generation of Asian business entrepreneurs.



Paul Bradley previously served as a Strategic Advisor to the Chairwoman and family shareholders of OPV Pharmaceuticals. OPV is one of the leading private pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam with over 690 registered products and contract manufacturing services supporting major global brands.

Arshiya International


Paul Bradley previously served as a member of the Global Advisory Board of Arshiya International, which is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Arshiya is a publicly listed company on the Bombay Stock Exchange encompassing fully integrated supply chain services including Free Trade Warehousing Zone and Domestic Distribution Logistics Parks, Rail Infrastructure, 3PL and 4PL Logistics Services, and Information Technology. 





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